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Acai Juice Is Not Acai Purée

Many people mistake the bottles of acai berry juice that they see in Whole Foods, GNC, Trader Joe’s (or in the many other places that are starting to stock acai products) with 100% pure acai purée The truth is, these products are often not 100% pure, and I am yet to see anything yet that is an actual purée ‘Real’ 100% purées are only found only. Why? Glad you asked. Let me explain.

The acai berry, when harvested, deteriorates very quickly indeed. Not only does this mean it is difficult — or impossible — to get the berry to its destination whole, but it also means that the long storage times required by the supermarket and superstore logistical teams are infeasible Even when you mash the acai berry down and hot bottle it — as is the case with proper acai purée — it will not last long enough to get to the supermarket shelves. Acai purée is only available online where the distributors can order it as required and send it out within a few days.

Acai purée is nothing like the watered down and mixed generic juices sold by the supermarkets. They may have acai in them, but they are a long, long way from being the 100% acai purée that is available online.