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4ColorGold | 4 Color Gold | 4CG Review


This is an initial review or 4 Color Gold with the full review pending. A full review of 4ColorGold may not actually ever be completed.

The product and concept of 4ColorGold is around drop cards. Drop cards are printed cards the size of business cards that are used to advertise your business. With 4 Color Gold this is the product and the marketing method. Not a bad concept that the product is a consumable marketing product. As far as the concept of relying on drop cards to build your business, we aren’t jumping up and down.

The 4colorgold presentation video says you can expect 2 to 4% of the people that pick up one of these cards to call the 800 number and listen to a message and one in 4 will purchase the cards and get started. All the statistics we’ve ever seen on drop cards for promoting a business opportunity is 1 in 1000 will call the number and leave contact information. One in 4 getting started from that point is a high assumption, but even with that you would have to pass out 4,000 cards per sale.

The second problem we see with the 4colorgold marketing method is that most people don’t want to run around putting cards on cars. Even so there are people that this will appeal to because it is something they can do and are willing to get chased out of parking lots by security or risk fines in public lots. You have to remember that most of these cards are going to end up on the ground and people that manage parking lots don’t like that.

The 4 ColorGold marketing scheme aside we could never recommend 4ColorGold as an income opportunity because of the compensation plan. Although they have some bells and whistles such as bonuses, over-rides and extra income streams the 4 Color Gold compensation plan is based on the force filled 2 by 3 cycling matrix.

Every since TVI Express busted out with that compensation plan and had huge initial success, people that made money there before it all crashed have developed new opportunities using the 2by3 force filled cycling matrix.

Each has added some tweaks that they believe will solve the problems that plagued TVI Express. Same has happened with 4ColorGold. First they, like so many others have done, added an entry level 2 by 2 matrix. Also the added a third higher paying 2by3 matrix. The big problem comes with what is called jump over. You can read a detailed analysis on this style of plan on our Fast Profits Daily Review. The problem with jump over is it allows the more experienced marketers bounce through the matrices quick by jumping over the other people leaving them behind. This causes “stalled boards”. The 4ColorGold solution to this is to add “perpetual qualifiers”. Actually this will greatly increase that problem. Perpetual qualifiers mean that once these big time marketers have cycled through a few times they don’t even need qualifying sales to “Jump”. They just automatically jump over anyone on the matrix that doesn’t have two qualifying sales. So the prolific marketers will bounce through and leave the new members behind.

This problem with the compensation plan is spelled out in our review of Fast Profits Daily which utilizes the same basic plan.